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What It’s Actually Like To Use BoomBoom


By Jordan

Let’s start with what BoomBoom isn’t. It’s not an energy drink for your nose. It’s not a drug. It’s not harmful. And it’s also not a gimmick.

BoomBoom inhalers, to people outside the rave/EDM scene may seem odd. That’s exactly how I felt about them when first seeing their website.

We’ve all seen people using Vick’s Inhalers at shows/festivals/raves, but Johnny Pinto, BoomBoom’s CEO & “Chief Nasalogist”, warns Vicks users about the risk artificial ingredients pose.

“What people don’t know is it’s pretty bad for you if you’re abusing it for a weekend. Levomethamphetamine, when overused, can congest your nose,” Pinto said. BoomBoom, he contends, is a safer alternative. With all-natural ingredients, no caffeine and essential oils, BoomBoom offers a pleasurable and risk-free experience.

So, I signed up for their free offer and tried one out.

Let me say this: You will not be disappointed.

Disclaimer: Every user experience is unique. Via Instagram

Over the past month I’ve been using (sniffing?) all three of BoomBoom’s “flavors.” Each has its own strengths, and personal preference certainly plays a role here. Some context, I’m a marathon runner, have a desk job outside of CapitalEDM and am frequently on the move.

I was mostly interested how I could incorporate BoomBoom into my running. If you’re unfamiliar, every six-seven miles runners eat energy gels to sustain their glucose & energy levels. Over the past few weeks, I’ve coupled the gels with BoomBoom Tropical Rush throughout my 16 – 18 mile runs and have noticed a substantial difference. Even with the low level of caffeine in the gels, they don’t reawaken your senses while you’re pounding the pavement. However, when I take one with BoomBoom I can breathe easier. I’m not alone in feeling this way. Pinto said many triathletes he knows use BoomBoom during their races.

“You’re not going to get this static, buzzing energy like you would from a cup of coffee or a red bull. It’s more of a dynamic energy. You can use this thing throughout the day and acts as a quick pick me up,” Pinto said.

It really is like gum for your nose. Via Instagram

The tube is the same size as a tube of ChapStick and it’s pretty simple to use.

Step 1: Twist off the cap (Be sure to break the protective seal).
Step 2: Shake vigorously to activate the aromatic essential oils.
Step 3: Place the open end of the BoomBoom slightly inside one of your nostrils and inhale for 1-2 seconds.
Step 4: Repeat with the other nostril.

So, how did it come to be? Their website explains the origin, which goes back way farther than most would expect:


Interested in getting your hands on some BoomBoom? Try one for free by clicking here.

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