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Every Backer Of This Album Will Get Their Own Unique Copy

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By Jordan

Alone. Adrift. Limited oxygen supply. Facing imminent death.

Sci-fi lovers and aspiring astronauts alike fear the harrowing situation that is drifting away from a spacecraft with no hope of rescue.

Buffalo-based DJ Spruke has launched a Kickstarter to fund a concept album that explores this very dilemma in Music To Die Alone In Space To.

To make things even more advantageous, Spruke has promised to recreate the album—in its entirety—for every. single. backer.

“Instead of conventional songwriting, I’ve created a system of patterns and rules that cause musical content to be written and synths to be generated. These organically and unpredictably created elements combine with planned, conventionally written passages that act as landmarks and recurring themes, to make every instance gorgeous and unique,” he said.

So, how exactly does he do it? Check out the infographic below:

What goes into making your copy (1) (1)

Spruke is already well on his way to reaching his fundraising goal of $2,000. You can chip in here.

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