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Monumental Flop: Zac Efron DJ Flick Is A Disaster


By Jordan

This past weekend Warner Bros.’ attempt at capitalizing on the booming EDM scene with We Are Your Friends, starring Zac Efron, failed miserably.

With an estimated budget of nearly $6 million, We Are Your Friends only managed to rake in $1.7 million, leading to a shortfall of roughly $4 million. Of course, this deficit could be closed over the film’s run, but it will be a challenge given the wave of negative press the film has received since its release. Maybe Efron can use some of that High School Musical money and buy a truck load of DVDs to compensate.

According to Box Office Mojo, We Are Your Friends is the fourth-worst opening weekend for a wide release ever. To put it’s failure into perspective, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, the nearly universally-disliked comedy starring Eddie Murphy performed better.

In pre-release interviews, Efron made it abundantly clear that he struggled with counting BPMs, something that was met with laughter and disdain from actual DJs.

Better luck next time, Zac.

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